Interior decoration

interior decoration textiles


''Committed to high quality products''

Wide range of fabrics and colors

Verotex works with the best textile manufacturers and distributors. The most fashionable linings and curtains sought-after by designers are kept in stock This allows a very fast manufacturing service. We have access to all brands, materials and colors available.

The quality of the proposed products makes it possible to achieve superb window treatments and creates exceptional environments.

The good business relationship with major players in the interior textile sector allows Verotex to easily find the sought-after fabrics at competitive prices. This greatly simplifies the project management. 

"Simplified project management"

In-stock textiles

sheers, clear linings and darkening fabrics

Linings and sheers most often selected by designers
speeds up the manufacturing process

Valvoile and Batiste

ivory and beige
95% opacity
washable and flexible

poly-cotton lining, 110''
white and ivory

complementary products

sewing accessories

Verotex works with the best manufacturers and distributors of sewing accessories. Good business relationships with the most important suppliers make it possible to find the products that best suit the projects efficiently and quickly.